Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Artist Emulation...To Be Continued

The artist that I am choosing to emulate is Photographer, Jason Wallis. Jason Wallis is an Alabama native, who went to college at Samford University majoring in Communication Studies with Photography. Jason specializes in portrait, wedding, and advertising photography. This is why I chose to emulate Jason Wallis. I have an interest in entering the field of advertising working as a photographer, and I thought emulating him would be perfect practice. Mr. Wallis received the award, Photographer of the Year 2008, from the Birmingham Ad Federation for his photography work in advertising. He has also received numerous Birmingham Addy awards. He also also gone an tours world wide taking photographs to places such as, Ireland and most recently India. As I emulated Jason Wallis I decided to take portrait shots of a student from Hoover High School. Mr. Wallis specializes in taking pictures of people in there most natural environment, so I thought it would be best to capture the student while sitting in their bedroom being as natural as possible. The photo shoot was to eliminate as many posed pictures as possible by try to capture candid natural shots. I had a long aperture because the lighting in the room was particularly dark, and I did not want to use a flash. I hope you enjoy the photos I will be posting in the a short while, and I hope did Jason Wallis justice.

I will have the pictures up as soon as I make a contact sheet for Mr. Myers : )

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